Connected with light
Luminous #16

Light and crystal


LED light is adding a modern edge to traditional Parisian décor at the Baccarat hotel, New York.


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Lighting design vision


Learn about the finalists in a global competition that supports upcoming light designers.


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Lines of Light


For the 2015 Expo in Milan, architectural lighting helped to revitalize and reconnect parts of the city.


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A new vision for hospitals


In 2015, Hospitales NISA became the first Spanish private health group to light its centers using only LED technology.


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Cities of light


An interview with Vincent Laforet, photographer of the AIR project.


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Luminous #16


Connected with light


This issue looks at transformational projects that helped to connect, inspire and educate people with light. Inside, you’ll find out about urban rejuvenation initiatives, futuristic museum exhibitions, ground-breaking photography projects and more.

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